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Our mission:

To amplify the reach and further promote the efforts of Iowa nonprofits by planning and executing outstanding fundraising events.

Our vision:

A community where nonprofits thrive.

Our goal at Do More Iowa is to create a community where all nonprofits have the ability to sustain themselves by obtaining the necessary tools to host a successful fundraising event.

Core values:





Kids Playing Games
Holding Hands
Kids in the Museum
Golden Dog

We currently support organizations whose missions support the following causes:

  • Youth programs

  • Animal rescues

  • Cancer research

  • Community enrichment

We are always looking to support additional nonprofit organizations and causes. If you would like to speak to a member of our staff about partnering with Do More Iowa please fill out the "Partnership Application Form". If you are interested in joining the  Do More Iowa team, please visit our "Board of Directors" page or our "Committees" page!

Why Do More Iowa?

Do More Iowa allows local nonprofits to be more mission focused.

Do More Iowa eliminates the burden of event planning and fundraising from smaller nonprofit organizations who do not have the staff to accommodate their needs. We have a team of experienced professionals here to help you and get your name out there!

Do More Iowa allows individuals to donate towards the assistance of multiple causes with only one payment.

By donating to Do More Iowa, you are assisting the in the support of multiple causes. All ticket proceeds, raffles​ or any other funds raised at an event, will be donated straight to the local nonprofit we are supporting at that time.

Do More Iowa is FREE to all local, Iowa nonprofit organizations.

We do not charge any fees for our services! Not only will we plan and market each event, we will also fundraise for event expenses in order to make it as successful as possible. Our end goal is to help you focus on the cause you were founded upon.

Do More Iowa will plan, organize, market and sponsor every aspect of each event.

Our team of experienced marketing, fundraising and event planning professionals will be sure to get a great turn out at each event  hosted by Do More Iowa!

Do More Iowa is striving to create more jobs in the central Iowa community.

Our goal at Do More Iowa is to grow into organization that can provide additional employment opportunities in the Des Moines community

" Do More Iowa creates an opportunity for people to interact, network and learn more about their local nonprofit organizations." -Abbie Benge, Executive Director

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