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Do More Iowa Experience

We have had the privilege to work with Do More Iowa and Abbie since September 2016. From the moment we met Abbie, it was apparent that she was passionate about Do More Iowa. It has been amazing to see Do More Iowa flourish into a fully-fledged non-profit with an official Board of Directors, multiple committees and a few exciting partnerships, in just a few short months.

The first networking event was really our first opportunity to see Do More Iowa in “the real world”. Seeing Abbie present the idea of Do More Iowa to new people was very uplifting. We knew how much she cared about the organization and that certainly showed during her presentation. Seeing her passion in action motivated us to do the best work we could for her, and to help her and Do More Iowa succeed.

As college students, the resources we are developing while working with Do More Iowa are invaluable. The ability to apply the skills we are learning in the classroom in a real world setting and with such a great organization is something that not many students get the opportunity to experience. We are truly grateful for Abbie and Do More Iowa for giving us this opportunity.

We are excited to continue working with Do More Iowa and seeing it grow to its full potential.

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