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Partnering to Do More Iowa: Our Experience

How did Do More Iowa’s involvement in the planning and execution of the

event ease the burden on your


I think the biggest benefit they brought was additional sponsorship funding and extra marketing/social media exposure. Our sponsorship's nearly

doubled from the previous year! In what ways would your

organization see greater benefits in a future partnership with Do More

Iowa? Continued exposure and attracting a different demographic. This event is focused on auctioning art to raise money for Pets, but we're struggling to break into the high end art crowd or buyers

with more dispensable incomes that are willing to pay what the art is valued at (or more). What was the most effective method for fundraising for this event and how can Do More

Iowa continue to build on that success? Personal connections! Personally, I tried reaching out to many different organizations for

sponsorship's, but they fell flat without that connection. In what ways did Do More Iowa surpass your expectations for services provided? What

changes could be implemented to serve our community more effectively? Again, money raised to sponsor the event. The additional support of offering an awesome photographer and setting us up with cupcakes from Scratch were also nice touches and saved us significantly in costs.

Would you recommend a partnership 'with Do More Iowa to other nonprofits in Central Iowa? Why or why not? Yes! They are wonderful people to work

with, highly experienced at event planning, and can help make connections that

improve fundraisers all around.

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