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What I’ve learned About Helping Nonprofits From Do More Iowa

This semester I’ve had the opportunity to work with Do More Iowa, and have had the unique opportunity as a college student to work with a nonprofit and see just how much work goes into it.

Do More Iowa is a unique nonprofit that essentially helps other nonprofits raise money.

An aspect of DMI that I found interesting - and confusing - when I first began my work was that this was no one’s full time job.

Any money they have goes back into the Des Moines community by the way of fundraising for organizations that otherwise would have a tough time putting on their own fundraisers (or wouldn’t be able to at all).

I was able to help promote them on social media, and send out their newsletters. It was interested to analysis what attracted their followers on their social media, and see what people care about in the organization.

Creating an Instagram was fun. I think most businesses have one now, and it’s hard to explain why but there is just something about Instagram that draws more attention than Facebook. We got to start DMI on their journey into new social media, and I am lucky to have been a part of it.

Though I was never able to attend one myself, the events always sounded like they went well, and from the pictures I saw, were cute and well decorated, and well organized. I know the amount of work that goes into putting on a fundraising event, from my experiences with internships and being on events committees, but I had never thought,

“What would an organization do if they didn’t have the money or the resources to actually put it on?”

Just to name some of the things you need- food and booze for starters. A venue to consume said food and booze. Lighting, tables, decorations, a dance floor, music, etc.- oh, and to motivate people to give money.

That’s a whole other part of a fundraising event. If you are having a silent auction, you have to have items to bid on. Obviously a nonprofit cannot provide those items, so you have obtain donors. You have to have people who can make the connections to find those donors. All of these are reasons enough why putting on a fundraiser can be a daunting task for anyone, especially a nonprofit that may not have enough resources.

DMI is so important because it helps other nonprofits with what is their bread and butter, raising money. It’s an amazing, caring idea that shows incredible promise, and I can’t wait to watch and see where their future will take them.

Though I am sad I no longer will be able to continue my work with their organization, I wish them the best, and hope the next group of students who will help them remember that by assisting DMI in their growth, they are assisting the entire Des Moines nonprofit community.

Nonprofits are my passion, and I think working with Do More Iowa has helped inspire that passion to help others. DMI has amazing potential to do good work in the Des Moines area, and I hope other people will support them on their journey in the nonprofit world.

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